The Great Pizza and Turbo Button Swindle

By: Conor 21. January 2011 15:47

In conversation yesterday, David and I came up with a whole series of blog posts that we plan on putting together over the coming weeks and months. The idea of these posts will be to give you all a little bit more background on us as people, aswell as the company. As corny as it sounds, where we've come from, where we are going.


A little known fact is that David and I have been friends since we were 3 (as of right now, that’s about 25 years). We grew up on the same road in Glasnevin and really were introduced to games and computers at much the same time. What was great was that in David’s house you could always find the latest and greatest in computer technology. 



One name-tag to rule them all...

By: David 7. January 2011 12:10

So, after giving away two iPod nanos over Christmas we decided we'd do a quick post about the wonderful iPod nano name-tags that were seen (and admired) being worn by us at the recent Appy Awards.

Check out the video below for a demonstration of the name-tag in action.



So, by now you're wondering, 'how can I have a name-tag as cool as that!?'. Well, it's pretty simple, so here's a step by step how-to:

1. Get some high-res images of your company logo, name, details and whatever else you'd like to display
2. Throw them into their own Event/Album in iPhoto
3. Sync that Event/Album to your iPod nano
4. Go to Settings on the nano
5. Set your brightness good and bright for maximum visibilty
6. In Photos Settings, set Repeat to "On", Transition to "Origami", and time per slide to about 5 seconds (or whatever setting work best for you)
7. Go to "Photos" and press play to start a slideshow of the Event/Album containing the images
8. Clip to your shirt/jacket pocket
9. Be the person in the room with the coolest name-tag ever!

So it's that simple to be that cool. But be warned, battery life doesn't last for very long so make sure to use at the most opportune time for maximum impact.