A JobBridge position and our position on JobBridge

By: Conor 26. February 2012 19:30

For information about what JobBridge is, take a look at the official website.

The basic idea is that companies can take on interns via the scheme at no cost to the company. The intern must be somebody who is currently claiming social welfare entitlements. In addition to their welfare payments the intern receives an extra €50 per week. This €50 is paid by the JobBridge scheme, not the company.

OMG, you bastards! 
You should be ashamed.
This can't be serious.
Blah blah…
Exploitation. Unpaid. Disagraceful.
JobBridge is the devil and you are a devil worshiper.



Oscars® Predictions Competition - Win an AppleTV!

By: David 26. February 2012 15:08

Well, it's that time of year again. In a matter of hours, the most glamourous night in Hollywood will kick off and the winners of this years Academy Awards® will be announced.

Will widely tipped silent movie The Artist dominate? Will host Billy Crystal return in triumph? Will Meryl Streep add another Best Actress Oscar® to her collection? And most importantly, will you predict the most winners and become the proud owner of a brand new AppleTV!?

If you think you have all the answers, then Redwind Software's Oscars® Competition could be just the thing for you. Making this season of glitz and glamour even more fun, we're giving away a brand new AppleTV to one lucky winner, who predicts the most correct winners at this years Awards via our app, "Awards Guide: The Oscars®".

*Note: You don't need to provide an email address or submit your predictions via email. Predictions are all done through the app and the winner will be notified via the app too. Awards Guide REV This year we've updated our Oscars® app with brand new Twitter functionality, push notifications, and up-to-the-minute content updates, continuing to make it the definitive app for all things Oscar®. And best of all, it's still FREE! So, to be in with a chance of winning, all you have to do is download the app, and pick your Oscar® winners from the lists of nominees in the Predictions section. It couldn't be simpler! The person who gets the most predictions correct wins an AppleTV.

And if you fancy passing some time with some movie trivia in the run up to the awards, check out the brand new Name That Movie™, the OFFICIAL must-have movie trivia game, brought to you by the makers of "Name That Tune."

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Space Brains is Best Gaming App

By: Conor 5. November 2011 13:18


This post is a day late but in our defense we were very very hungover yesterday. Hungover from celebrating, because for the 2nd year running Redwind has scooped the Best Gaming App award at the Irish Appys, keeping up our 100% record in the category.


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Happy Hallowe'en

By: Conor 31. October 2011 14:42

Horror Poster Hitchcock Poster Vampire Poster

So it's the 31st of October and all around the world people are dressing up in funny, silly and scary costumes to go get drunk and/or pester their neighbors for sweets and tasty treats in exchange for not throwing eggs at their house.

If you are in Dublin, be sure to drop by the Redwind Software HQ for all sorts of goodies that we have got in just for the occasion. However, as we realize the vast majority of you are not in Dublin we figured we would give you some even more delightful downloadable delicacies.

We've worked extra hard in the last few weeks to get some new apps out for you guys just for this occasion. They are Horror Movie Challenge, Vampire Challenge & Hitchcock Challenge. Each one is packed full of great questions and just oozing blood, guts and trivia.

Priced at a meagre $0.99 you'd have to be crazy not to buy at least one of these terrifying yet truly satisfying apps!


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Tools Of The Trade

By: Conor 25. September 2011 15:39
New iMacs jpg large

Yesterday I tweeted a total of 12 tweets (excluding retweets). One of them was this

  • Xcode
  • BetaBuilder
  • Base
  • Navicat for SQL Server
  • Pixelmator
  • Versions
  • Transmit
  • TextWrangler (reluctantly)
That's how I get shit done.

Followed up a few minutes later by

  • Twitter
That's how I don't get shit done.

So, as I sit down this morning to work on Project Kraven The Hunter and find myself considering all the other things I could do instead this subject seems like it is probably worth a blog post. The hardware and software that I use the most in terms of my working life.

WARNING: This is extremely long (That's what she said) and there are no pictures.



1 New Trivia Engine, 2 New Games, 509 Questions, 100 Promo Codes and a whole load of waffle

By: Conor 14. September 2011 19:01

John Mayer U2 Simquizitor Load

It's no secret that we here at Redwind like our music. It's certainly no secret that one or two of us have a somewhat unnatural obsession with John Mayer.

With a core business that involves creating the best trivia apps to be found in the iTunes App Store it really was only a matter of time.

Presenting John Mayer Challenge (and U2 Challenge) powered by the Simquizitor Engine…



Fantastical Football with Redwind

By: Conor 10. August 2011 15:57

Win an iPad and more!

We love a lot of things here at Redwind, especially ourselves. But beyond that our love of Apple is well documented, as is our love of a good, bad or indifferent game of FIFA.

Redwind fifa

One more thing we love is giving away SWAG and goodies.

Does you loves to be on the receiving end of sweet Appley devices like the iPad? And without even spending a cent?

Keep reading to find out how you can be a RedWINNER



From AlphaBattle to San Serif Resort

By: Conor 11. May 2011 17:01
Available from the iOS App Store - AlphaBattle is a retelling of the classic tale - the fight between Turquoise Vowels and Red Consonants.

Image axd

It is also apparently not very good.

On the 19th of November 2011 we published a blog post seeking out two brave souls to join our band of thieves in ripped up jeans and help AlphaBattle rule the world.



Hello! Hello! Is there anybody in there?

By: Conor 7. May 2011 22:22

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Well, we have been mighty quiet for the last few months.

Bloggularly quiet that is. In terms of working, playing & all round Redwind shenanigans we have of course been up to our eyes.

So this is just a little* catchup on what we've been up to. In some cases written in the first person, in some cases written in the 3rd person, it is an adventure in itself.

*little may not be an entirely accurate description.



Dublin Bus ∞ REJECTED

By: Conor 25. February 2011 12:44

Live The Dream with Dublin Bus ∞



Seldom does a sound define a city. Adored by locals, revered by tourists, the Dublin Bus ticket beep is a sound that is known and loved the world over. 

Now for the first time ever, you can carry that sound, that sensation, the passion and the glory of stepping onto a Dublin Bus, wherever in the world you are. 

With 'Dublin Bus ∞' your Dublin Bus experience never has to end. Live the dream, love the beep, close your eyes and ride the bus. 

Just tap the ticket to toot that tone. 

*Dublin Bus ∞ is not affiliated to Dublin Bus. This is a utility app designed to awaken ones senses and take you to a far away place, deep inside the hallowed halls of a Dublin Bus. This application is not and can not be used as a substitute for a genuine Dublin Bus ticket.

The above is the iTunes screenshot and description text for our Dublin Bus app - the awesomely titled "Dublin Bus ∞"