About Redwind Software

By: Conor 8. September 2014 10:09
  Redwind Software was first imagined back in 1986 in Dublin, Ireland when founders and childhood friends Conor Winders (4) and David McMahon (4) began planning their first mobile app. A visionary, well ahead of his time, David had an idea for a movie trivia game that anyone could enjoy from any place, that they could carry with them on their phones. Unfortunately, the technology of the time was simply not advanced enough for David and Conor to create this game, tentatively titled "The Grea... [More]


#pingpong @ Redwind Software

By: Conor 26. August 2014 17:45
Sure isn't everyone mad for the timelapses these days...   Every day from 18:00 - 18:30 we'll record the most amazing display of table tennis skills this side of the Liffey. Or any side of the Liffey really.     Powered by the awesome folks at @evrcm & AsTimeGoesBy


Another Year Over

By: Conor 22. December 2013 13:11
  2013 was another smashing year @ Redwind. It's hard to believe how much we have grown and all we have achieved in just a few short years and 2013 continued that trend. We've doubled our team, outgrown a 3rd office in as many years and logged more hours in Mario Kart than the entire Nintendo development team combined. More...


The Redwind Team

By: Conor 18. October 2012 17:41
Get to know your friendly neighbourhood Spider-Man App Developers.   In the tech/early stage/start-up community there is one nugget of wisdom that you hear more than any others. Amazingly, it's not "Keep your mini-fridge stocked with Magic Hat #9 at all times", but that the most important thing about your business is the people. For us, this is especially true. Both in terms of their skills and general soundness, we believe we have the best team around.     More...


Bruno Mars really isn't the smartest chap is he?

By: Conor 19. September 2012 14:23
Grenade If this song is really how Bruno Mars feels about this lady friend of his, then he is in fact an idiot.   More...


Getting reviewed on Wired.com does this

By: Conor 12. April 2012 13:11
So, yesterday Name That Movie™ got reviewed on Wired.com. Here is the impact on sales, versus the previous week.     Nice. For a little more context, yesterday's sales are the 7th biggest in the apps short life, roughly half the amount of the highest sales day.   And while we are showing off the auld vanity metrics, how's about this for a spike on the Name That Movie™ website traffic.   All in all, pretty cool. Now if a few more of the big boys manage to pick up... [More]

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Stats from this blog

By: Conor 10. April 2012 13:41
Just for GLOLz I thought it'd be interesting to see which posts generated the most views on this here blog. I only did February and March because we hadn't actually posted anything before that since November (bad bad, naughty Redwinners). One thing to note is that the values on the axes change a fair amount between the two graphs. So really we got way more visits in Feb-March, particularly when we did the 3 posts at once. But interestingly the visitors in March-April hung around a lot long... [More]

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Last Friday Night

By: Conor 30. March 2012 20:37
Kinect Tennis, after hours at Redwind Two weeks in a row, does this make it a tradition? Not sure what's the best part, my dancing, Nibbles' dancing, my avatar's dancing or Nibbles' avatar's dancing? You be the judge  


Your office needs a camera

By: David 23. March 2012 23:03
After hours at Redwind Software. Courtesy of Camba.tv


Push-It! A game for Apple TV

By: Conor 19. March 2012 21:45
Do you want to play games on your Apple TV?   Of course you do. Well the good news is your friends at Redwind are only dying to make that a reality for you. And no this doesn't require any "jail-breaking" or hacking or other messing around with your Apple TV, this is straight up, honest to goodness out of the box, big screen iOS gaming.   Ah, push itAh, push it More...