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By: Conor 5. November 2011 13:18


This post is a day late but in our defense we were very very hungover yesterday. Hungover from celebrating, because for the 2nd year running Redwind has scooped the Best Gaming App award at the Irish Appys, keeping up our 100% record in the category.

Space Brains 1 Space Brains 2 Space Brains 3

Last year Movie Challenge was the victor, but 2011 belonged to Space Brains. Developed for Science Week 2010, Space Brains is packed full of assorted astronomical questions. Read more about the app here

Space Brains is one of our favorite apps so it was great to see the hard work that went into it rewarded. Well done to all involved not just at Redwind but also at Discover Science + Engineering, Blackrock Castle Observatory and Armagh Planetarium.

Have you got Space Brains? Download the app for FREE to find out. No, seriously what are you doing still reading this? Go download the app NOW!

Now, back to The Appys.

Read the full list of winners here.

Obviously any apps that won are apps you should be checking out…. But here's a few apps that if we were judging would also have taken home an Appy or two.

A few other random thoughts

    • Huge congratulations to Vinny Coyne on winning Best Developer. Of all the awards given on the night I think we all agree this one was the most thoroughly deserved. A true hero in the Irish app community.
    • Congratulations also to Axonista on winning Best Nokia App for TV3 Catch Up. We look forward to going on the piss with you guys again next year :)
    • What a night! Just like last year (in fact maybe even better?), we had an absolute ball. A particular shout out to all at our extremely boisterous table.

Keith hammered

    • Did you get Redwind stickered? If so, take it as the highest compliment we can give you. If not then maybe you should look again.

Damo sticker

Vinny sticker

Broken appy

Damo glue

    • Our company name is REDWIND. The D is not silent. Oh and "wind" like a fart, not like what you do to a watch. Here is an image that can be helpful for remembering.

Red wind

There's probably more to say but frankly that's about all we can remember. See you next year for more of the same!

XOXO Gossip Girl

Oh dear god, here are some choice tweets and images we've just come across. In some cases we have left in the username/source. In other cases, to protect the guilty, we haven't.

Shit my pants

Appy to see you

Company name

Re wind

Go to your heads


Little boy

Finbarr is horney

Wind noun

Fight fight

Red red wind


Huge roar

Fairy cakes

Knob jockey Keith still hammered

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