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What was your first thought when you saw the snow this morning?


Was it
Oh baby, I might be able to get off work and extend this glorious weekend by one more day to avoid the drudgery of my current unsatisfying, unrewarding job.
Was it
I wish my job was as beautiful as the snowy peaks atop the Wicklow mountains.
If you answered yes to either of those questions you should definitely read on.


It seems all we ever GLOLBlog about anymore is jobs we have! Not a bad complaint really, but expect that to change soon with a few of the lads "volunteering" on Friday night in the pub to start blogging. I'm looking at you Shaun O'Beirne, Kevin Sweeney… and perhaps most exciting of all - Colin Pierse, owner of and author at the world famous


It's been a pretty crazy few months here at Redwind and we continue to grow and grow. In the past couple of months we have hired Gar Horgan to fill our programming internship position. Eddie Dowse has also come on board in a dual role as Business Development Director and sensible head to counter the chaos of myself and David.


But it's not enough! The more work we do, the more people want to work with us! As a studio that prides itself on keeping all work in house we have a need to expand even further.


Redwind team


We are the biggest and best app developer in the country. We work with the biggest and best brands in the world. Our clients expect the Redwind name to be on the work we do for them. The apps and games we build not only achieve critical and commercial success, they have not gone unnoticed by Apple themselves.


We built the official Deal or No Deal game that was a smash hit in the UK and Ireland, getting to the number 1 position in both App Stores.


Numerosity: Play with Math!
was featured by Apple around the world as part of their "Best of 2012" feature.


Our own games such as Draw-It, Push-It are pushing the boundaries of what is possible with iOS today and again, has prompted inbound contact from Apple. We have won Best Game at The Appys, 3 years in a row.


We also know how to have a good time and create a great work environment. Our office has beer fridges full of free beer, Xbox, Wii, Call of Duty on each iMac, Nerf guns, Budda Bags, free Nespresso and let's not forget the all important pub and pool tables downstairs. We offer all staff free Redwind underpants and an all important Avatar.


But enough about how great we are… here are the roles we are looking to fill:
  • iOS Developer
  • Web Service/Application/CMS Developer
  • HTML5 Mobile Apps Developer
  • QA & Test Engineer


Just think, if any of these roles sound like you, you could be joining these outstanding individuals and become the next Redwinner.


Some of the finest developers in the country


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All positions are based in Dublin.


iOS Developer

Have you experience with iOS Development? By experience, I mean have you actually released anything or worked on products that have shipped? Our core business is iOS apps and we are looking for a good great developer to join the team. If you have aspirations of becoming an iOS Rockstar, then you should come work somewhere that your skills will be put on display to millions of end users.


Web Service/Application/CMS Developer

Almost every useful app that is made these days requires some level of backend hosted service to feed information to it. Whether that is a full on CMS or just a pseudo-CMS that serves from a database or set of files, we need someone who can analyse each project as it begins and not only advise on the best solution but also implement it. Our existing content layers are built on a range of technologies that covers everything from .NET & SQL Server to node.js and MongoDB. If you are passionate about the latest and greatest web technologies and want to build rock solid web services we need you and you need us.


HTML5 & Mobile Apps Developer

We don't just build for iOS! We build across the board on all platforms and a huge part of that is powered by HTML5 components and sites. Have you used tools such as Sencha Touch? Are you up to date on the latest css animations and cross browser compatibility?


QA & Test Engineer

We're not perfect. Hard as it is to believe, we have shipped apps with flaws and bugs. As our team and workload grows so does the importance of implementing proper test procedures and plans. We are looking for a dedicated resource to come in, overhaul and own our QA department. Perhaps more than any role we have ever hired for, there is tremendous scope for the right candidate to make themselves indispensable to our team.


Across the board we are looking for people…
  • who are sound
  • who love technology
  • who love games
  • who want to learn and grow with our company
  • who love doggies
* Manchester United fans will have a distinct advantage :)
* John Mayer fans will have an even greater advantage


Relevant skills/interests
  • iOS, Android, mobile development
  • Agile methods, Continuous Integration, etc
  • Web services & applications, node.js, .NET, PHP
  • Gaming, Unity3d, Cocos2d


All roles are ready to start immediately but we will wait for the right candidate if we need to. All salaries are dependent on experience and availability.


If you are interested in any of these positions please do get in touch with us on We will only accept applications over email. Include an up to date CV, a cover letter and most importantly if you can, please show us some of your work.


Note: All of these roles are full time, salaried positions. We are not hiring short, medium or long term contractors at this time. We do not hire through recruitment agencies, you must contact us directly.
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