Up to 15 players


This Christmas, play
the ultimate party game with all the family

Draw-It, Push-It is the first in an exciting new series of buzzer based party games from Redwind Software. A modern day twist on Pictionary that turns your Apple TV into a games console, "Draw-It, Push-It" is a first-of-a-kind, revolutionary drawing game that pits your artistic talents (or lack of) against your friends and family in real time and in real life.

What you need

platform info

To play "Draw-It, Push-It" you will want at least one iPad, an Apple TV* and as many as 15 other iPhone, iPod touch or iPad devices.
Download the "Draw-It, Push-It" app for iPad.
Download the "Push-It" app for all other devices.

*Apple TV is optional but optimal.

Download PUSH IT Download DRAW IT PUSH IT

How it works

  • Connect your iPad running "Draw-It, Push-It" to the big screen
  • Launch Push-It on all other devices and seamlessly connect to the game with one tap
  • Draw-It, Push-It

Watch the video

"Draw-It, Push-It" will appeal to all ages and skill levels. Using Apple's AirPlay feature to wirelessly stream the drawing canvas to the big screen, have fun guessing your friends attempts at drawing their chosen words. At the end of the game, post the best, and worst, drawings to Facebook and Twitter for the entire world to enjoy.